Cooperative Projects of Ped Mind Institute

Ped Mind institute cooperates with the pediatric department of Shaanxi People Hospital/Xi`an Xiatong University in China (Prof. Fuyong Jiao) and the Marche Polytechnic University in Ancona, Italy (Prof. Carlo Catassi).

Cooperative research projects are based on the development of a multi centric screening test of coeliac disease in Chinese pediatric population using a novel HLA-POC genetic test as the first-level screening test.
This research project will start in July 2019 and will be coordinated from three centers (Germany-Italy-China).

An agreement on scientific and technical cooperation of Ped Mind Institute with the Xiatong University was signed in October 2018.
The collaboration agreement between the PMI, Xi`an (China) and Ancona (Italy) was signed in December 2018.

The first cooperative research project will start in July 2019.


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