Advances in Pediatric Research

    • Bittmann S
    • Advances in Pediatric Research
    • Adv Pediatr Res 5:9. doi:10.12715/apr.2018.5.9, 2018
    • Bittmann S
    • Abuse in children: indicator of failure in relationship?
    • Editorial, Advances in Pediatric Research, Special Issue: Adressing the Determinants of Global Child Health, USA (9/2018)
    • Bittmann S
    • The origin of Alice in Wonderland Syndrome: Charles Dodgson and his attraction to small children
    • Editorial, Advances in Pediatric Research 5:24, 2019
    • Bittmann S, Liuchter E:
    • An innovative new technique of pediatric vaccination: Take both hands and hold the needle to avoid damage of nociceptors and capillaries
    • Editorial as Editor-in Chief; Advances in Pediatric Research, Special Issue „Insights in Pediatric Research and Vaccine Pain Management in Children“, accepted 5/2019


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